Our Story

The front of the Ellis building in Rockwall, Texas in the early 1900's.
Early 1900’s

An Idea

We began with an idea to create a space that sparked conversation. To generate a sense of cultural emergence in our community. We wanted a place that housed a collection of ideas and experiences under one roof. When people learn about Fable & Fire, we want them to know it was designed with social interaction at the forefront. We drew inspiration from historic libraries, clubs, and shops around the world. Places where charm and history ignited spontaneity amongst its guests.

A Building with History

Community is the heart of Fable & Fire, but the history is, without a doubt, its soul.

Nestled across the street from the historic county courthouse in Rockwall, Texas, our space has been occupied by various shops and businesses throughout its lifetime. One of the earliest businesses was the Walker Brothers Dry Goods, known for giving credit to Farmers even when times were bad. Originally constructed in 1887 by a man named Rose, the building has had a succession of owners. Formally known as the Lovejoy building, later the Ellis building, and is now locally owned.

After COVID swept the nation in 2020, a portion of the building was left vacant. Matt and Vanessa Colman, husband and wife team, sought to revive the space and establish something missing in their town: A place where the best stories are told. With inspiration from their travels, a team of passionate experts, and the unwavering support of family, their idea turned into a mission. Meanwhile, the space and its many uses evolved together.

Following a painstaking restoration, most notably of the century-old brickwork, a design by VCMG, LLC seamlessly blends the old with the new, reinvigorating the prestigious building. And finally, in December 2022, Fable & Fire opened its doors to the community.